Selling Your Online Business, Part 3 – Who else is involved?

You’ve engaged a broker to help sell your business. Who else should be on your team, and who else is involved in the sale process?

Obviously, it is in your interest to find good legal representation that specializes in providing legal counsel to businesses, particularly in the area of mergers and acquisitions of online businesses. That is where we come it.

It is also in your interest to get your CPA involved for the business appraisal process. Although it might seem time consuming and costly to have a business appraisal done, we highly recommend that you have an appraisal conducted by a professional experienced in business appraisal techniques; a professional with experience in your particular industry is ideal.

An accurate business appraisal has several benefits. If your asking price is too high, you might scare away potential buyers. If your asking price is too low, you risk leaving money on the table. Also, having an appraisal conducted adds credibility to your ask. It shows where your figures are coming from.

It is important that your financials are in good shape in order to have an accurate appraisal.

Who else is involved in the process? The potential buyers and their respective counsel. A potential buyer could be an individual or perhaps a private equity group, each having its own benefits and detriments. A potential buyer may also have financial experts involved in the due diligence process. A potential buyer may have a lender involved that could impact the transaction and the relationship between you, the Seller, and the buyer. For example, if there is a seller finance component with a security interest, the Buyer’s lender may require you to subordinate your lien, and may place other restrictions on repayment of the seller loan.

We can help. The attorneys at Walk Law Firm, PA are experienced in assisting clients with navigating these various relationships. We understand the sale process and can guide clients throughout the transaction. Please feel free to call one of our attorneys at (813) 999-0199, or contact us via our website at

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